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June 3, 2024


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Unlock Massive Organic Reach With This Little-Known Loophole

The Algorithm Enigma

Ever feel like your content just isn’t getting “seen” anymore? Or maybe you’re thinking it’s next to impossible to grow? I’ve been there! BUT if there is one thing I’ve learned as a content creator, anytime you feel like growth is slow, it may be time to rethink your content. Your first step to better content is understanding how to beat the 2024 Instagram algorithm and how it works.

8 years ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to grow and make money as a content creator. That decision changed my life. By first understanding how the Instagram algorithm works, I was able to amass a following of 100,000 followers. Doing this helped me become a full-time influencer AND eventually become an influencer coach, helping other creators have the same success. Now I want to help you!

My job requires me to keep up with the Instagram algorithm, so I’m well versed in everything “algo” at this point. We have a lot to cover here. So let’s begin by first defining “algorithm.”

Decoding the Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is a blanket term used to describe the MULTIPLE content rules and processes on Instagram. In simpler terms, an “algorithm” is decision-making technology. Or as head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, puts it, “The algorithm just means a process.” It is used to sort content. Instead of us combing though THOUSANDS of content pieces to find what we like, the algorithm does most of the filtering for us.

And recently, Adam Mosseri let everyone know that there is no one god-almighty algorithm, “At Instagram there are actually many, many algorithms that we use to try and predict what you might be interested in at any given moment.” That means there’s an algorithm for Instagram Stories, viral Reels, photos, Explore and so on.

From my 8 years experience as an Instagram influencer and influencer coach, while there are multiple algorithms, the same basic principles can be applied to your overall content strategy so you come out on top. To make things easy in this blog, we’ll continue to say “algorithm.”

The 4 Ranking Factors

The Instagram algorithm works by using four key factors to rank content — these ranking factors help Instagram show you videos, photos and Stories it believes you’ll enjoy the most, giving you the best in-app experience. Knowing how Insta ranks content can help you create photos, videos, etc., that your ideal followers will love, all while nudging the algorithm to show it off.

And when you create content your followers love, that helps improve your relationship with your audience—paid Instagram sponsors love that! So let’s talk about the ranking factors below!

  1. Content: This refers to when a post is live and what kind of post it is. Is it a video post? A photo? With features like Instagram Reels, Guides and Instagram Lives, the IG algorithm uses post types to decide who should see this content.

  2. Poster: This is who posted the content! Ever notice that when you like someone’s post, you see more of them? The IG algorithm factors in who and what you engage with. That determines the order of your newsfeed and the content you’ll see.

  3. Interest: The way you consume content on the app creates your in-app experience. The interests you choose determine what content you see.

  4. Relationship: If you comment or are even tagged in someone’s posts often, the algorithm assumes you two have some sort of relationship. It’s like saying, “Hey, this person is important to me, and I want to see more of them on my Feed.”

Now that we’ve covered the ranking factors, let’s dive into 16 tips for beating the Instagram algorithm in 2024!

16 Ways to Beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2024

1. Post Engaging Reels

Reels will be your best bet for beating the 2024 Instagram algorithm. So, how do you make good Reels? Value-driven content is king. Value can come in many different forms, from entertaining to relatable content. Aim to post Reels at least 5 times a week. If that’s hard, find a posting schedule that works for you, and be consistent!

2. Hop on Trends

Creating trendy content is an EXCELLENT way to get the algorithm on your side! In other words, any time there is a new Instagram trend, you can assume that most IG users are consuming it. When you re-create those trends in your way, the algorithm takes your content and shoots it to users already engaging with said trend. The key is to act FAST on them.

3. Get Your Audience Involved in Stories

Find ways to get your audience involved with your Stories. For example, use polls, funny gifs, and “questions” stickers to engage your audience. You can also incorporate videos into your Instagram Stories.

4. Post Stories Daily (but don’t overdo it)

Post Stories daily, but don’t overdo it. Aim for 3-5 Stories a day. Instagram is currently testing a “preview” Stories feature, so Stories are probably the easiest thing you can post!

5. Use Relevant Hashtags and Topics

Hashtags are a bit hit or miss for me. I wouldn’t RELY on them, but I still use them. For Instagram Reels, Topics are more important than hashtags.

6. Make Your Content Shareable

Shareable can mean many things, but for us, it means making your content easy to share on multiple platforms. For example, creating Reels that you post on TikTok.

7. Post Engaging Carousels

Remember, we want our followers to spend more time looking at what we post, so the Instagram algorithm favors us. When we share a carousel, our followers naturally spend more time looking at it. And generally speaking, they’re more engaging.

8. Write Captivating Captions

Knowing how to write engaging Instagram captions that people want to read is a great way to get users to spend more time on your posts so you can beat the 2024 Instagram algorithm. I have an easy way to do this – it’s called “microblogging.”

9. Build a Relationship With Your Followers

Your followers want to know you. So, you should form a relationship with them! This will help you appear on their newsfeeds more often. Brands love influencers who have a rock-solid relationship with their audience.

10. Engage With Your Audience

Because the IG algorithm aims to show off the most engaging pages/content, you should be looking for the best ways to interact with your audience! You want the Instagram algorithm to sense that your followers care about your page.

11. Engage With Accounts You Follow (but don’t overdo it)

Engaging with accounts you follow will not move the needle for you, but it’s good practice to be active in the app and interact with other accounts. There are no specific amount of accounts you need to comment on, but overdoing it will look spammy.

12. Collaborate With Other Creators

One of the fastest ways to beat the new Instagram algorithm, and get exposure to new followers, is to connect with others. Try to collab with other creators and find ways to share your audiences!

13. Maintain a Cohesive Feed Aesthetic

I do think a color-graded Feed helps with engagement. You want your followers to recognize your work and love it, which is what having an overall Instagram aesthetic can help you do.

14. Use Instagram Insights

To beat the Instagram algorithm, you need to post quality content and note what your followers enjoy. Part of posting quality content uses Instagram Insights to get into how followers interact with your page.

15. Don’t Repost Content

While deleting and reposting on Instagram will not do any long-term damage to your account, it’s a waste of time. If a piece of content doesn’t do well for you, move on! You can maybe archive it and repost it at a later date, but you’re better off just posting fresh content consistently.

16. Focus on Reels, Stories, and Photos (in that order)

To beat the 2024 Instagram algorithm, you need to post:
1. Reels
2. Stories
3. Photos (as a bonus)

Reels are the best bet, as users share Reels more often. Stories are the easiest thing to post. And photos, while still important, are becoming less so as Instagram shifts to focus more on video.

Cracking the Code

The key takeaway I want you to get from this guide is that beating the Instagram algorithm isn’t impossible, but it isn’t easy! As an influencer, if you apply these strategies to your profile, you’ll create a solid foundation to beat any new algorithms to come.

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