This Unconventional Approach Will Take Your Rankings to New Heights





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June 3, 2024


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This Unconventional Approach Will Take Your Rankings to New Heights

This Unconventional Approach Will Take Your Rankings to New Heights

The Unexpected Path to SEO Success

I’ve always been a resilient individual, able to reinvent my approach to life when forced or even when welcomed. As I ventured into my new career path that merges my love of sales from my realtor and cosmetic consultant days with my passion for educational improvement and special education, I couldn’t help but reflect on a journal entry I wrote back in 2015. This entry was inspired after being asked by a colleague and now friend about my earliest experience with grit. Telling that story reminded me of where I gain my strength when others may not see the value in my choices or believe in me.

Since then, I’ve pulled from this experience to guide discussions with students, staff, and peers, explaining that they can succeed regardless of the doubts others may voice. At the young age of fourteen, I found out firsthand that sometimes approaching life “wrong” from the perspective of others may turn out to be just right for me. Let me share that story with you.

Overcoming a Setback with Unconventional Thinking

Flashback to 1994-1995: When I was fourteen, I was a high jumper. Standing at 5’2″, I was nothing spectacular, but I was dedicated to improving. Through my dedication, my freshman year of high school, I qualified for the state track meet in high jump and obtained a sixth-place medal. I was driven to improve on that ranking.

Unfortunately, during the winter of my sophomore year, I broke my left ankle, my dominant jumping leg. This was disheartening, not only was I concerned about my high jump career, but I had to sit out of the entire season for my first love, volleyball. For a fourteen-year-old athlete, this seemed like the world was ending. I remember crying and telling my dad that it was pointless to try. This was an unacceptable mindset for my father’s daughter, and he encouraged me to continue with physical therapy and beat the odds.

The temporary setback in my tenacity lasted through my surgery to tighten up my tendons. Then, again while still on crutches, I re-broke my ankle at a festival, placing me in a cast for another eight weeks. I knew I was going to be pushing it to regain the strength in my left leg to jump the height needed to qualify for the state meet. I had to figure out a different angle to solve my problem.

The “Wrong” Approach That Proved Right

My solution was a bit outside the box and met great criticism and doubt (even from my father at first). At the age of fifteen, I decided to teach myself to take my approach from the other side of the high jump pit. The left side of the pit would now become my home because my right leg was now my strong leg. I was determined to jump off my currently stronger leg, otherwise known as jumping “wrong-sided”!

As soon as I was cleared, I spent hours on the high jump pit teaching myself to be left-handed and jump right-footed. If you’ve ever written with your wrong hand, you can imagine how uncomfortable this was at first. But I welcomed the discomfort and even utilized it as a motivator to keep pushing through the doubts of others that were whispered to me day in and day out. The voice in my head that said I was on the right path needed to be louder and stronger than the ones that were not experiencing the slow growth I knew I was making.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I had more repetitive approaches than any other high jumper in the history of high school track and field in one season. Even through his doubts, my father would wait for at least an hour after every practice was over for me to finish my attempts and teach myself to work against my body and through the discomfort. After seeing my dedication to this approach, he joined me on the pit with excitement, coaching my technique.

Defying the Naysayers and Achieving the Unexpected

I had many people tell me my work wasn’t worth it. They said I was working hard only to achieve failure and disappointment. They said it couldn’t be done. However, I kept my eye on the “bar” and progressed one step at a time from the “wrong” side, envisioning the “wrong” approach, with the “wrong” foot repeatedly.

To my own surprise, one day I eventually realized that the “wrong” approach felt right. It even became second nature. In fact, I managed to literally inch my way up the standards until I beat my own personal best by several inches. Yes, you heard me, I approached the challenge in the “wrong” way, and I surpassed my goals. At the surprise of many, I qualified for the state meet that year. Although I did not win, I did place fifth while jumping from the wrong side.

Most importantly, I learned that with perseverance, tenacity, determination, and a strong will, taking the uncomfortable approach may provide you with much more than you ever dreamed possible.

Applying the Unconventional Approach to Your SEO Strategy

As an SEO consultant, I understand that as I coach administrators and teachers to approach teaching differently than they have in the past, it’s not going to be easy. It will be uncomfortable and frustrating for them to take their approach from the “wrong” side of their thinking. The naysayers’ comments will ring in their heads, and they must find and listen to their own voice.

They must learn to use emotional intelligence and look at things from the student’s perspective, the parent’s perspective, and the perspective of how to authentically approach the learning standards from a viewpoint of workforce readiness and application. They must view learning as the student’s lifeline to being a healthy, successful, and productive adult.

Just like my high jump journey, I would encourage you to challenge yourself and your clients to approach your SEO strategies from the other side of the high jump pit. Look at things from every angle, from a different perspective, and even take your approach from the “wrong” side to realize solutions that would otherwise never exist. This unconventional approach may be exactly what you need to take your rankings to new heights.

McR SEO is here to guide you through this process and help you achieve the unexpected. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative SEO services.

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