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June 6, 2024


UK, Manchester

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SEO Isnt Dead – Long Live SEO!

The Demise of “SEO Copywriting”

I’ve been reading the latest “Is SEO copywriting dead” debate by Glenn Murray and Brian Clark. Considering that I’ve been talking about SEO copywriting for over 11 years – and I’m considered by some as the pioneer of SEO copywriting – reading the headline “Is SEO copywriting dead” is a little like hearing that your baby is ugly.

My first response was not just “No,” but “Hell no.” SEO copywriting is alive and well. But then I got to thinking. You know what? I’m going to agree with them. Maybe, as it’s currently defined, SEO copywriting should be dead. And here’s why.

SEO copywriting “techniques” – as they are commonly understood today – represent a bastardized version of copywriting that’s not good for customers, not good for users and serves up pure schlock. I am tired of seeing top-Tweeted posts that say you should “include your keyword at least 15 times in your copy,” or “put all the keywords at the top of the page so the search engines can see them.” I am beyond miffed when I hear prospects say, “I want you to write a bunch of pages for the search engines. I don’t want people to actually read them.”

The amount of misinformation out there is enormous. Sadly, most people never talk about the second half of the SEO copywriting equation — the half that’s even more important than keywords. And that’s writing compelling, interesting and persuasive content designed to communicate with your customers.

SEO copywriting was never – ever – about keyword density. It was never just about, as Brian Clark calls it “Inserting targeted key words in certain places (like titles), and in frequencies and densities designed to satisfy a particular search engine algorithm.” It’s always been about conversion. It’s always been about communicating with your customer. It’s always been around good, quality content.

The Sad Demise of SEO Copywriting

Jill Whalen and I wrote about it in the RankWrite newsletter (which Jill spun into the High Rankings Advisor) back in 1999. What’s sad is that quite a few people refused to listen. Instead, they focused on shoving keywords by the handfuls into the copy. And as a result, SEO copywriting became a low-value skill set.

Bob Bly talks about how one SEO copywriting ad reaches a new low for the copywriting profession. And you know what? He’s right. Talented, smart, awesome copywriters are asking me how they can compete against “SEO copywriters” charging $10 a page. These are copywriters that get paid over $1,500 a page in print media. But these same folks seem overpriced in the web market – even though their writing is proven to bring in thousands more dollars than what their clients paid. That’s how undervalued quality SEO copywriting skills are.

What’s sad is that people are accustomed to keyword-stuffed, over-optimized copy as “normal” SEO copywriting. They don’t know that good copywriting is seamless and benefit-driven. That savvy SEO copywriting, in the brilliant words of Lisa Barone, is supposed to entice, entertain, engage and educate. Instead, they take their $10/page copy, upload it, and figure that’s the best they can get. They don’t like it, but they don’t want to change it for fear that they’ll lose their search engine rankings

Unfortunately, people have become victims to their own mediocrity. But I’m sorry. If you pay $10/page and expect brilliance, you deserve what you get.

The Rise of SEO Content Marketing

Don’t get me wrong – there are are clients, SEO firms and SEO copywriters who “get it.” I read Lisa Barone’s writing and adore every word. Karon Thackston has done an excellent job writing copy and educating the community. Jill Whalen has always said that good SEO means good content. I applaud not only their willingness to debunk SEO copywriting myths, but also their talents. And there are a host of other SEO copywriters just like them.

But then I read SEO copywriting articles like one I saw today that read – and I am not making this up – “The copy should be written in simple language so that everyone can easily understand and get the focus of the write-up without putting too much brain.” And at the end of the day, if the main perception of SEO copywriting is that it’s more about the algorithm than the customer, well, I have to wonder if the term “SEO copywriting” is really, truly accurate anymore. And I’m thinking, no. No, it’s not.

SEO copywriting was never supposed to be this. Perhaps it’s time to let this bastardized version of direct response copywriting die…and reinvent it into something else. So, please, let me put the term “SEO copywriting” out of its misery. You’ve come a long way, baby. Instead, why don’t we, as marketing professionals, embrace the term “SEO content marketing.”

The term “content marketing” implies an ongoing process – not a one-off web page written for high rankings. “Content marketing” implies that there is a strategy behind the process. And it’s also more encompassing. “Copywriting” often elicited thoughts of “sales-oriented writing” – while “content marketing” could mean blog posts, articles, press releases – even Twitter posts. It’s about time that people see SEO content marketing for what it is – a proven way to communicate with your customers that just happens to gain top search engine rankings.

It’s more than a $10 blog post or an optimized page. It’s a well thought-out SEO and customer communication strategy paired with some kick ass writing. SEO copywriting is dead. Long live SEO content marketing. It’s about time.

The Value of Quality Content

I’m reminded of two sayings from the tattoo world:

  1. Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good
  2. Everyone deserves the tattoo they get

The first is self-explanatory. The second simply says that those who take the time to figure out what they want, where they want it and who should put it there usually wind up with the killer ink.

Clients that truly value their brand will choose great writers to craft the copy for their sites — and that copy will have the appropriate SEO value. Those that “offshore” something as important as web copy will look like the cheapskate also-ran competitors that they probably are. Everyone deserves the SEO copywriting they get.

So, let’s embrace the term “SEO content marketing” and focus on creating powerful, engaging content that sells. Sure, we’ll still incorporate strategic keywords, but it will be seamlessly woven into the copy, not crammed in like a cheap suit. The goal isn’t to trick the search engines – it’s to truly connect with the customer.

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