Revive a Stale SEO Strategy with Innovative Growth Hacks





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June 3, 2024


UK, Manchester

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Revive a Stale SEO Strategy with Innovative Growth Hacks

The Trouble with Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom is incredibly useful – until it isn’t. In the dynamic world of search engine optimization (SEO), what was once considered a “best practice” can quickly become obsolete. Just think about the rise and fall of black hat SEO tactics. Once upon a time, these illegitimate methods were a reasonable way to improve your web presence. But try that today, and you’ll face the wrath of Google’s ever-evolving algorithms.

The problem with relying too heavily on conventional wisdom is that circumstances change, and tactics become oversaturated. What worked brilliantly for one company may fall flat for another. That’s why the true growth hackers – the innovators who are consistently staying ahead of the curve – don’t take any strategy at face value. They’re constantly questioning, experimenting, and adapting.

Airtable’s Unconventional Approach to Growth

Take Airtable, for example. This versatile no-code platform has experienced meteoric growth in recent years, and they’ve done it by bucking traditional growth hacking wisdom at every turn.

The pervasive growth hacking mantra is to find the singular upstream metric that represents the lifeblood of your business and do everything in your power to optimize for that metric. But Airtable’s take is that companies serving customers of all shapes and sizes – like Salesforce, Box, Slack, and Airtable itself – are misguided if they reduce their business to a single metric or “aha moment.”

As Roy Mathew, Airtable’s Head of Business Operations, explains, the customer acquisition costs (CAC), lifetime value (LTV), and customer journey can vary drastically by vertical, function, and even acquisition channel. So Airtable’s approach is to keep a holistic view, with the development team working hand-in-hand with the go-to-market team to understand where they’re meeting customer needs and where they’re falling short.

Fostering a Culture of Transparency and Empowerment

But Airtable’s unconventional wisdom doesn’t stop there. They’ve also deliberately engineered processes to keep their team connected to the product and the customer. For example, everyone at Airtable – regardless of position, tenure, or seniority – is responsible for support duty at least once a month.

“This forces a robust connection between the product, the team, and our customers,” Mathew says. It’s a powerful way to maintain transparency and empower employees to take ownership of the customer experience.

Speaking of transparency, that’s another core tenet of Airtable’s culture. They don’t just pay lip service to it – they truly work out in the open. Their documents, conversations, and workflows are available for the entire company to see. As Mathew puts it, “When in doubt, keep it transparent.”

This approach has a transformative effect on the team’s productivity, collaboration, and decision-making. By keeping information accessible and letting everyone contribute, Airtable is able to harness the collective intelligence of the organization.

Rethinking the Growth Hacking Playbook

Airtable’s story is a testament to the power of challenging conventional wisdom. Rather than blindly following the latest growth hacking “best practices,” they’ve developed a thoughtful, multifaceted approach that puts the customer at the heart of everything they do.

And that’s the key lesson for any SEO agency or digital marketing team looking to revive a stale strategy. Don’t just reach for the same old growth hacks – step back, assess your unique circumstances, and be willing to chart a bold, unconventional path forward.

After all, as Steffen Hedebrandt, former Growth Lead at Upwork, eloquently puts it, “Build your ideas on gut feeling and passion, make decisions on data.” Combine that entrepreneurial spirit with a data-driven mindset, and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking transformative growth for your SEO agency in Manchester, UK.

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