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June 6, 2024


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Re-Engaging Dormant Link Prospects

The Forgotten Leads Awakening

As an SEO professional, I’ve seen it happen time and time again – once promising leads that suddenly go radio silent. It’s a frustrating reality we all face, but the good news is there are proven strategies to revive those dormant connections and get them re-engaged with your brand.

Think about it – you’ve put in the hard work to attract these potential customers, nurture the relationship, and get them to the cusp of conversion. And just when you think you’re about to seal the deal, poof! They vanish without a trace. What gives?

Well, the harsh truth is that people’s priorities can change in the blink of an eye. A global pandemic, a family emergency, a shift in budget or strategic focus – any number of external factors can pull their attention away from your offering, even if they were once highly interested.

But that doesn’t mean all is lost. In fact, a well-executed re-engagement campaign can be the key to unlocking hidden revenue and breathing new life into your prospecting efforts. As the wise folks at 11outof11 point out, “If people perceive value in your company’s communication, they’ll continue to open your emails and other correspondence even if their responses have dwindled as of late.”

Reviving the Relationship

So how do you go about re-engaging those dormant leads? The first step is to take a step back and assess the situation. When was the last time they interacted with your brand? Did they ever formally opt-in to receive your communications? What was the nature of your previous touchpoints?

Armed with that intel, you can start crafting a strategic re-engagement plan. As the Klaviyo community suggests, it’s crucial to “warm up” your list and avoid triggering any spam or deliverability issues. Start by segmenting your audience based on their last engagement, then slowly roll out your re-engagement campaign to the most responsive cohorts first.

The key is to make your initial outreach feel personal, valuable, and relevant. Don’t just bombard them with a hard sell – instead, focus on understanding their current priorities and how your offering can genuinely help. As Forbes Agency Council member Lori Paikin advises, “Remember… They are people first, with families and jobs and health, financial, and security concerns. When you reach out, keep that front of mind. Instead of trying to gently push your agenda, ask first how you can help.”

This could take the form of a personalized survey, a tailored content offer, or even a good old-fashioned phone call. The key is to make them feel seen, heard, and valued as an individual – not just another lead in your pipeline.

Innovating the Outreach

Of course, sometimes a simple email or call just won’t cut it. That’s where getting creative with your outreach can make all the difference. As the 11outof11 team suggests, “A delivery is hard to ignore. When everything else can only be accessed through a computer, it’s super effective for getting attention.”

Consider sending a physical mailer with a personal note, a relevant report, or even a small gift. Or try reaching out through a different channel altogether, like SMS or social media. The goal is to break through the digital noise and recapture their attention in a way that feels genuinely thoughtful and engaging.

And don’t be afraid to get a little playful, either. As the Pardot experts at The Spot point out, “It could evoke positive feelings and strengthen your relationship” – things like a birthday card, a discount code, or even a fun interactive survey.

Staying the Course

Of course, re-engaging dormant leads isn’t a one-and-done proposition. It requires a patient, multi-pronged approach that consistently delivers value and keeps your brand top-of-mind.

Even if your initial outreach doesn’t yield an immediate response, don’t give up. As 11outof11 suggests, “Continue to send them relevant news and information that will help them solve their challenges – when the time comes for them to re-engage.”

And don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your retargeting efforts, either. As the 11outof11 team notes, “Retarget messages to dormant prospects using paid search and social media ads. Providing them with an offer compelling enough to reconsider your brand could potentially restart the entire marketing and sales process.”

At the end of the day, re-engaging dormant leads is all about persistence, personalization, and a genuine commitment to providing value. It may take some time and effort, but the payoff can be huge – not just in terms of unlocking hidden revenue, but in strengthening those critical customer relationships that are the lifeblood of any successful SEO agency.

So don’t let those forgotten leads languish in the abyss. Dust off your re-engagement playbook, get creative, and watch as those sleeping giants finally awaken to the power of your brand. Trust me, your bottom line will thank you.

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