Producing Binge-Worthy Content That Hooks and Holds Attention





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May 27, 2024


UK, Manchester

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Producing Binge-Worthy Content That Hooks and Holds Attention

Producing Binge-Worthy Content That Hooks and Holds Attention

You know, I’m kind of sick and tired of this whole “shrinking attention span” trope that’s been haunting us marketers for years. It’s like we just grabbed this idea and ran with it, almost as if it came from some sort of authoritative scientific study. But the reality is, if we just look at the data, it paints a very different picture.

Take my own experience, for example. I run an SEO agency in Manchester, UK, and we focus a lot on creating long-form, in-depth content for our clients. And you know what? Our average time on page for some of our most popular articles is over 10 minutes! That’s right, 10 minutes. Not 10 seconds, not 30 seconds, but 10 freaking minutes.

I remember the first time I mentioned this little tidbit during a presentation, the whole room just sat there in silence, like they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. People were squirming in their seats, trying to wrap their heads around the idea that someone would actually read that much content on a single page. It was hilarious to watch, to be honest.

But here’s the thing – it’s not just us. Look at the data from some of the most binge-worthy TV shows and movies out there. These aren’t just quick, bite-sized pieces of content that people are consuming and then moving on from. No, these are long-form narratives that capture people’s attention and hold it for hours on end.

Take a look at the cold opens from some of the most popular shows and films. These aren’t just your standard introductions – they’re carefully crafted hooks that grab you by the eyeballs and refuse to let go. From the suspenseful opening of “Inception” to the hilarious antics of Dwight’s fake fire drill in “The Office,” these cold opens are designed to create tension, pique curiosity, and keep you glued to the screen.

And you know what? We can take a page out of that playbook when it comes to creating our own binge-worthy content. Just look at what some savvy TikTok creators are doing – they’re not just slapping together a bunch of random clips and hoping for the best. They’re crafting carefully choreographed hooks, mixing visual, auditory, and textual elements to keep their viewers engaged from the very first second.

And it’s not just TikTok either. Take a look at the shows that have people binging on Reddit – they’re not just quick, forgettable sitcoms. They’re complex, character-driven dramas that keep viewers on the edge of their seats, craving more.

The lesson here is simple: If you want to create content that hooks and holds attention, you need to think like a Hollywood storyteller. Forget about the “shrinking attention span” nonsense and start crafting content that’s genuinely engaging, that keeps people coming back for more.

Start with a killer cold open that sets the tone and piques curiosity. Sprinkle in elements of surprise and suspense to keep your viewers on their toes. And above all, make sure that every second of your content is delivering genuine value – whether that’s through entertainment, emotion, or good old-fashioned information.

Because the truth is, people don’t have short attention spans. They just have high standards. And if you can give them something that’s truly binge-worthy, they’ll happily devour it, one captivating morsel at a time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start producing content that’s worthy of a Netflix binge. The SEO agency in Manchester, UK of the future is counting on you.

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