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June 5, 2024


UK, Manchester

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Optimizing Content Around Customer Pain Points

As an SEO strategist for a Manchester-based agency, I’ve learned that the true key to driving impactful results for our clients isn’t just about chasing high search volume keywords or building an endless backlink profile. No, the real secret sauce lies in understanding and addressing the unique pain points of our clients’ customers.

Uncovering Customer Insights

When I first started working with Keeper Tax, a San Francisco-based startup helping independent contractors optimize their taxes, I’ll admit I was initially focused on the typical SEO metrics – increasing traffic, boosting rankings, and expanding the backlink profile. But after going through the Grow and Convert content marketing course, I realized that if I really wanted to move the needle for Keeper Tax, I needed to dig deeper and uncover the specific challenges and frustrations their customers were facing.

So I took a page out of Grow and Convert’s playbook and dove headfirst into customer research. I sat in on calls with Keeper Tax’s sales and customer service teams, eager to soak up every detail about the pain points their clients were experiencing. As one expert put it, “The sales and customer service teams are on the front lines of customer interactions, making them a goldmine of insights.”

And boy, were they ever. Through these insightful conversations, I learned that Keeper Tax’s ideal customers – experienced freelancers and independent contractors – were struggling with the complexities of tax preparation and organization. They were frustrated by the steep learning curve of tax software like QuickBooks, and desperately wanted a simple, streamlined solution to help them maximize their deductions and minimize their tax burden.

Aligning Content with Customer Needs

Armed with this deep understanding of my target audience, I was able to craft a content strategy laser-focused on addressing their specific pain points. As the experts at HawkSEM advise, the key is to create content that reaches customers at every stage of their journey, from initial awareness to final conversion.

For Keeper Tax, that meant prioritizing bottom-of-the-funnel keywords like “1099 expense tracker,” “home office deduction,” and “track miles for taxes” – search queries that signaled a clear intent to save money and simplify the tax preparation process. I also made sure to optimize existing blog content around these high-intent topics, ensuring Keeper Tax would show up when customers were actively searching for solutions to their pressing tax-related problems.

But it wasn’t just about targeting the right keywords – I also leveraged tools like Clearscope to ensure the content itself was hyper-relevant and comprehensive. By analyzing the top-ranking pages for each target keyword, I was able to identify the exact topics, subtopics, and related terms I needed to cover in order to truly satisfy the search intent.

Delivering Tangible Results

The results of this customer-centric content strategy speak for themselves. In just 3.5 months, I was able to grow Keeper Tax’s site traffic by a staggering 400% – not through vanity metrics, but by attracting qualified leads actively searching for the solutions Keeper Tax provides.

Even more impressive, though, were the gains in conversions and signups. By aligning Keeper Tax’s content so tightly with their customers’ pain points, I was able to drive a 700% increase in monthly signups from organic search alone. As one client put it, “The main value was hands down the support. I crafted a game plan based on their strategies and they gave me feedback along the way to put the plan into action.”

And the cherry on top? Keeper Tax’s new content not only resonated with their target audience, but also with the search engines themselves. By demonstrating clear topical authority and expertise around tax-related pain points, I was able to catapult Keeper Tax to the top of the SERPs, capturing prime real estate for high-intent keywords.

So if you’re an SEO agency looking to truly move the needle for your clients, my advice is simple: forget the vanity metrics and focus on uncovering and addressing your customers’ most pressing pain points. Because as I’ve learned, that’s the surest path to driving sustainable, profitable growth. And who knows, you might even have a little fun along the way – I know I did!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to optimizing content for MCR SEO, our agency here in Manchester. There are pain points to be conquered and customers to be delighted!

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