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June 2, 2024


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Ignore Everybody Else – Just Do This for SEO

Ignore Everybody Else – Just Do This for SEO

As an SEO analyst, I’ve seen it all. From developers who think modifying meta tags is the be-all and end-all of search engine optimization, to project managers who can’t understand why their “fully optimized” website still doesn’t rank. It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out sometimes.

But you know what? Screw ’em. Forget about what everybody else is doing and focus on what really matters for your SEO success. In this article, I’m going to share with you the one thing you need to do to dominate the search results, no matter what anyone else says.

The Myth of Technical SEO

Now, don’t get me wrong – technical SEO is important. Fixing those pesky redirects, duplicate content issues, and broken links can definitely move the needle. But here’s the thing: if you’re obsessing over every last technical detail, you’re missing the forest for the trees.

I’ve worked on sites with hundreds of thousands of technical errors, and you know what? They were still ranking just fine. Why? Because they were laser-focused on creating the best damn content in their industry. As one Redditor put it, “It’s been working well for years without any issues. At least five years.”

The truth is, Google cares a lot more about the quality and relevance of your content than it does about minor technical tweaks. Sure, those things can help, but they’re not going to make or break your SEO strategy.

Forget About Rankings, Focus on User Experience

I get it – we all want that coveted #1 spot on Google. But you know what’s even more important? Making sure your visitors actually stick around and engage with your content.

Think about it this way: would you rather have a website that ranks #1 for a bunch of keywords, but has a sky-high bounce rate and low time on page? Or would you rather have a site that might not be at the top of the search results, but keeps people glued to the screen, exploring your content and taking action?

As one LinkedIn user put it, “I’ve built multiple digital businesses over the past 17 years. All of them fully rely on Google / SEO.” And you know what those businesses have in common? They focus on creating an exceptional user experience, not just chasing rankings.

The One Thing You Need to Do

So, what’s the secret to dominating SEO in 2023 and beyond? It’s simple: create the most amazing, useful, and engaging content in your industry.

As one Redditor put it, “My websites are designed to rank for product and service reviews. The most competitive and lucrative category of SEO.” And you know what? They’re absolutely right.

When it comes to SEO, the companies that win are the ones that provide the most valuable, high-quality content to their audience. It’s not about gaming the system or trying to outsmart Google – it’s about genuinely helping your customers and giving them a reason to keep coming back.

So, forget about all the technical mumbo-jumbo and the latest SEO hacks. Instead, focus on creating content that’s so good, so useful, and so engaging that your audience can’t help but share it, link to it, and keep coming back for more. That’s the key to sustainable SEO success, no matter what anyone else is doing.

The Takeaway

Look, I know it’s tempting to get bogged down in all the technical details of SEO. But trust me, that’s not where the real magic happens. The secret to dominating search in 2023 and beyond is simple: create the best damn content in your industry, and the rest will follow.

So, ignore everybody else and their obsession with meta tags and technical fixes. Instead, pour your heart and soul into crafting content that truly helps and engages your audience. That’s the surest path to SEO success, no matter what the “experts” say.

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