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June 6, 2024


UK, Manchester

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Converting Searchers Into Buyers

Converting Searchers Into Buyers

As an SEO specialist in Manchester, UK, I’ve dedicated my career to helping businesses like yours transform online searchers into loyal, high-converting customers. It’s a challenge that requires a multi-faceted approach, but the rewards can be truly game-changing for your bottom line.

The Changing Landscape of Local Search

Gone are the days when a stunning website was the be-all and end-all of online success. The truth is, Google is sending less and less traffic to websites these days, with users finding what they need right in the local search results. As Darren Shaw of Whitespark points out, the local pack results are now packed with all the information a potential customer could want, from business hours to customer reviews. If your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing isn’t up to par, you can kiss those website clicks goodbye.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Reviews have become a powerful differentiating factor in local search, with review signals increasing by over 21% in importance for local ranking factors. Businesses that invest in their online reputation are reaping the rewards, like Eager Beaver Moving in Edmonton, who saw a staggering 1,650% increase in leads after amassing 83 Google reviews with a 4.8 rating.

Harnessing the Power of Reviews

If you want to convert more searchers into buyers, reviews need to be a key part of your strategy. But it’s not as simple as just asking customers to leave a few stars and kind words. You need a systematic approach to consistently gather high-quality, keyword-rich reviews that will make your business stand out.

The Golden Rule: Ask Every Customer

The first step is to make review solicitation a standard part of your customer service process. Darren Shaw emphasizes that if you only do this, you’re already 80% of the way there. Many businesses shy away from asking for reviews, worried about the potential for negative feedback. But the truth is, if you don’t ask, your reviews will be heavily skewed towards the disgruntled minority. By making review requests a consistent part of your workflow, you’ll encourage your satisfied customers to become your unpaid sales force.

The Platinum Rule: Always Follow Up

But the ask can’t stop there. Darren estimates that a simple follow-up email a week later can boost your review volume by 32.7%. People are busy, and sometimes they need that extra nudge to actually take the time to leave a review. Make it easy for them by including a direct link to your Google Business Profile or other relevant review platforms.

Optimizing Your Review Requests

Of course, it’s not enough to just ask for reviews – you want to maximize the impact of those testimonials. Darren suggests getting specific with your review requests, prompting customers to address key details like the quality of your service, the timeliness of your delivery, or the tastiness of your food. This can help you gather reviews rich with the kind of keywords that will boost your local search rankings.

Diversifying Your Review Portfolio

While Google reviews are undoubtedly important, they shouldn’t be the only review platforms you focus on. Darren recommends searching for your business name and location to identify other key review sites, then rotating those into your review request process. This helps you build a more well-rounded online reputation that can withstand changes to any single platform’s algorithms or policies.

One tricky platform to navigate is Yelp, which has an infamously strict filter for reviews. Darren suggests leveraging Yelp’s check-in offers to encourage reviews, as well as identifying your Yelp-active customers and gently letting them know you’re on the platform (but definitely not asking for reviews, wink wink).

A Holistic Approach to Conversion

At the end of the day, reviews are about so much more than just improving your rankings. As Darren eloquently puts it, “Reviews drive business.” By cultivating a steady stream of glowing testimonials, you’re not just boosting your search visibility – you’re also pre-selling your services to every potential customer who lands on your listing.

So, if you’re ready to turn those online searchers into loyal, high-value buyers, it’s time to get serious about your review strategy. Follow the steps I’ve laid out, stay persistent, and watch your conversion rates skyrocket. And of course, if you need any help along the way, you know where to find me – right here at MCR SEO in the heart of Manchester.

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