Beating Big Brands at Local Mobile SEO





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June 5, 2024


UK, Manchester

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Beating Big Brands at Local Mobile SEO

Beating Big Brands at Local Mobile SEO

Refusing to Be David Against Goliath

If you’re a small to mid-sized brand in Manchester, competing with industry giants online can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Just search for any popular product or service, and it’s clear that big brands have a stranglehold on the top keywords. Their dominance spans the entire first page of results and beyond.

While the odds may seem stacked against you, there’s no need to resign yourself to being the perennial underdog. As a local Manchester business, you have unique advantages that the big guys can’t easily replicate. With the right local mobile SEO strategy, you can absolutely beat those Goliath brands and capture your fair share of the market.

Targeting the Right Keywords

One of the biggest mistakes I see small businesses make is going after the wrong keywords. Take the example of a Manchester-based network security company trying to rank for the generic term “network security.” The industry leaders are simply too entrenched and well-resourced to dislodge from the top spots for such broad keywords.

Instead of tilting at windmills, shift your focus to more specific long-tail keywords. Sure, they may not get as much search volume as the general terms, but they tend to attract more qualified leads. Someone searching for “Manchester network security for SMEs” is likely further along in the buyer’s journey compared to a more casual browser looking for “network security.”

By targeting these niche, location-specific keywords, you can find pockets of opportunity that the big brands have overlooked. Google’s mission is to connect searchers with the best possible content, regardless of the site it lives on. That means, with the right strategy, you can outshine the giants and rank higher for the queries that matter most to your local Manchester audience.

Outranking the Competition

Okay, so you’ve identified the right keywords to target. Now comes the real challenge: actually outranking those dominant big-name brands in the search results. They may have massive marketing budgets and name recognition on their side, but that doesn’t make them unbeatable.

The key is to focus on creating content that is simply more valuable and relevant than what’s currently ranking. Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, but one thing that will always matter is providing the best possible information to searchers.

Start by conducting a thorough competitive analysis. Look at the top-ranking pages for your target keywords and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Where could your content fill in the gaps or offer a superior user experience?

Once you know what you’re up against, put in the hard work to craft truly exceptional, in-depth content. We’re talking 3,000 words or more of carefully researched, expertly written material that leaves no stone unturned. Pair that with a smart local SEO strategy, leveraging location-based schema, citations, and other on-page optimizations.

But simply creating great content isn’t enough. You also need to build a robust backlink profile to demonstrate to Google that your pages are worthy of ranking. Invest time in content promotion, leveraging relationships and new tools to get your work in front of relevant audiences. The more high-quality sites that link back to you, the stronger your position will be.

Capitalizing on Big Brand Blind Spots

While the giants of your industry may seem untouchable, they do have some vulnerabilities that savvy local businesses can exploit. Big brands often struggle with the speed and flexibility required to respond to emerging trends and niche topics. Their massive scale can actually work against them when it comes to certain long-tail keywords.

That’s where you, as a Manchester-based operation, have the upper hand. You can be more agile, more specialized, and more attuned to the unique needs of your local audience. While the giants are busy optimizing for broad national or even global searches, you can quietly dominate the hyperlocal queries that matter most to your bottom line.

Take the time to really understand the search behavior and pain points of your Manchester customers. Use tools like Google Trends to identify up-and-coming topics that the big players haven’t saturated yet. Then create the most comprehensive, authoritative content on those subjects and promote it relentlessly to the right local influencers and communities.

Remember, you don’t need to win the war to be successful. Focus on identifying and capturing the low-hanging fruit in your local market, and use that momentum to gradually chip away at the big brands’ dominance over time. With the right local mobile SEO strategy, you can absolutely hold your own against the Goliaths of your industry.

Partnering with an Expert SEO Agency in Manchester

As a small to mid-sized business in Manchester, you may not have the same resources as the industry titans. But that doesn’t mean you can’t punch above your weight when it comes to local mobile SEO. By working with an experienced SEO agency right here in Manchester, you can level the playing field and start taking market share from the big guys.

The key is finding a partner who truly understands the unique dynamics of the local Manchester market and how to navigate the complexities of mobile search. They’ll help you identify the best keyword opportunities, craft a content strategy that resonates with your audience, and build the high-quality backlinks you need to outrank the competition.

Most importantly, a top-notch Manchester SEO agency will keep a close eye on the evolving search landscape and make adjustments to your strategy as needed. Search engine algorithms change constantly, and what works today may be outdated tomorrow. With the right expert guidance, you can stay one step ahead of the big brands and cement your position as a local leader.

Don’t let the giants of your industry intimidate you. With a smart local mobile SEO approach and the right partner at your side, you can absolutely beat the big brands and dominate your corner of the Manchester market. It’s time to stop thinking of yourself as David and start embracing your inner Goliath.

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