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June 5, 2024


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Achieving True Expertise With E-A-T Best Practices

The Bacon Conundrum: Discovering the Best Way to Cook the Iconic Breakfast Meat

People often joke that bacon makes everything better. I tend to agree. I use it a lot as a flavoring agent in recipes — a slice or two to infuse a pot of dried beans with porky richness, for example. But I’ll also cook up a mess of bacon as a more substantial component to a dish, or as a standalone food. This is the bacon to pile onto burgers or BLTs, or to enjoy alongside pancakes or waffles, dragging the strips through syrup or runny egg yolks.

Yet I’ve never had a consistent, go-to method for cooking that bacon. I’ve cooked it in a skillet and in the oven, and I’ve resorted to the microwave when I was in a hurry. I’ve read about air fryer and sous vide methods I’d like to try, as well as other hacks for easier cleanup or better texture. To find which method or methods work best, I tested eight that are touted by trusted website sources and compared the results side-by-side. My house smelled amazing, by the way, and my sons and husband were delighted to help me taste test.

Sizzling Stovetops and Microwave Mishaps

After testing 8 methods of cooking bacon, we found that baking it on parchment paper is the best one. Not only does it result in perfectly crisp, chewy, and even visually appealing strips, it also makes cleanup easy.

One method that didn’t perform as well was cooking the bacon in a skillet with water. The theory here is that the water “keeps the initial cooking temperature low and gentle, so the meat retains its moisture and stays tender.” However, the bacon stuck to the pan, cooked inconsistently, and cleanup was a bit of a hassle.

The microwave method, while the fastest, also had its drawbacks. The regular-cut bacon came out brittle and tasted a bit burned, while the thick-cut slices fared better, yielding lovely crispy-fatty pockets — but only when I finally got the timing right. Uniformity and texture were issues, and I didn’t like that the paper towels soaked up all the precious bacon drippings.

Baking for Bacon Bliss

The clear winner in my bacon cooking odyssey was the baking method. Lining a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper, arranging the bacon on a wire rack, and baking at 400°F resulted in the meatiest bacon with the least amount of shrinkage. I liked how this technique made it easy to control the end product, cooking one batch until it was crispy and one batch until it was meaty-chewy.

The only downside was having to scrub the wire rack, which can be a bit of a pain. But overall, the ease of cleanup, the perfect texture, and the ability to cook a large volume of bacon made this my go-to method.

Sous Vide Splendor and Air Fryer Adventures

Of course, I couldn’t resist trying a few more unconventional techniques, like cooking the bacon in a sous vide circulator for 12 hours and using an air fryer.

The sous vide method yielded incredible results, with a thin, crispy exterior and a meltingly tender interior. However, it’s a time-consuming process best suited for special occasions. The air fryer, on the other hand, was a quicker and more convenient option, though the bacon did tend to curl up a bit.

Ultimately, I found that the baking method on a parchment-lined sheet pan was the best all-around approach for everyday bacon cooking. It’s easy, delivers delicious results, and makes cleanup a breeze — allowing me to focus on the most important part: savoring every bite.

Embracing the Bacon Bliss

As I reflect on my bacon cooking journey, I realize that the perfect method isn’t just about technicalities — it’s about finding the approach that aligns with your personal preferences and lifestyle. For me, the baking method checked all the boxes, from texture and appearance to ease of preparation and cleanup.

But beyond the mechanics of cooking, I’ve also come to appreciate the joy and comfort that bacon can bring. Whether it’s the savory aroma wafting through the kitchen, the satisfying crunch of each bite, or the nostalgic memories it evokes, bacon has a way of elevating the everyday and making even the most mundane moments a little bit brighter.

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